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About us

Think Tank Behind ViralMusk

Rashid Hassan, an Engineer by Qualification and Digital Marketer by Profession who , last year launched TechnoMusk is the think tank behind ViralMusk. 

Thoughts Behind ViralMusk

While, TechnoMusk is focused on Technology, with some serious insights over the working; the ViralMusk is just for entertainment. Featuring Sports, Movies, Humor and Videos, the ViralMusk is made just for light hearted moments. Shed all your tension being here and spend some quality time at ViralMusk!

When the Journey of ViralMusk began from?

The foundation stone of the website was laid down on 23rd March 2019 with the aim to provide some entertaining moments covering several aspects like Sports, Movies, Humor and Videos, etc.

Mission & Vision of ViralMusk

The mission and vision of this website is to keep readers entertained relevant information, gossip and news.

Present Status of ViralMusk

At the present, the sole worker, Rashid Hassan is doing all efforts, what he can, after day job. Thus, handling two websites ; one is TechnoMusk, while the other is this one, the websites are just an aspiration towards the entrepreneurship. What lies beneath the womb of the future, is known to none!